Stand And Deliver


Stand And Deliver
by Heater Case

The Farmers Market in Salem NH (at the huge Tuscan Village complex) has been one of our haunts every Sunday for a while now. In the winter, we were told, they move indoors at a different location. Last week it came true.

The whole operation has moved north to Derry, NH, and occupies a beautiful function hall at the Labelle Winery (14 Route 111 Derry, NH 03038).
99% of the vendors are set up inside, giving it a festive feel of a Christmas Fair. From wonderfully crafted confections and concoctions, kitchen fresh mainstays, and all the makings of a darn good dinner worthy of kings, queens, and even just us good old folks.
Check out the pottery and alpaca wear booths. Just do it. It’s all very cool.

But, being the complex man of simple needs that I am, I was immediately drawn to the hardy crew and their cornucopia out in the parking lot.

It’s just a truck and a dozen bins set up across from the main entrance. Every kind of veggie that’s available at this time of year, jars of pickled everything, cheeses, eggs, and raw milk... if you can’t see something, they'll run back into the truck and get it. This is agrarian farming. This is what it’s all about. Nice hard working folks with an easy going smile and God’s good earth on their work boots.
(The big scary guy in the middle doesn't work at the farm. It's just me.) 
Whatever your fancy, just get up there some Sunday and check it out. Be it the friendly and helpful people inside or my posse out in the parking lot, you’re supporting local businesses and keeping the American farm alive.
It’s starting to sound like I’m running for office. I’ll just wrap it up with
“I’m Heater Case and I approved this message.”