Sometimes trying our best is all we can do...

A few months ago, I found this little bugger on my back (outside) stairs. Top step. I'm thinking one of the Space Monkeys put her there from lord knows where. I could have stepped on her. 
Irene was doing yard work and called for me to come out and pointed to this little pumpkin. We honestly thought she was dead. Flies, zilch movement. 
I was about to put her in a plastic bag when she suddenly took a big breath. I gave her some water with a syringe and took her to the vet. Vet cleaned out her mouth and throat of some goo. He said the next 24 hours will tell. 
I gave her a little kitten formula every hour and, when she was not on this heated cozy, I cupped her in my hands and gently exhaled warm air on her. 
Thanks so much, everybody. Your thoughts and love were so very appreciated. Sadly, the little baby didn't make it through the night. It was getting harder and harder to feed her. She not only didn't have a nursing reflex (which could be one of the tough facts of nature as to why she was abandoned) but then she stopped swallowing altogether. 
Take comfort in that she didn't have to leave the world all alone on a cold wet cement stairway. All evening and until a little after midnight, she was warm, dry, cozy and handled with love. I managed to get her core temp back up and she napped and stretched and yawned like any little baby until she was quietly gone. 
And she was purring! It says newborns can purr after 6 six days. I guess she was an advanced student. RIP, Little Baby.