This week Blythe Spitsbergen is the Woman Who Rocks joining Erin.
Carehouse ( is an intervention group for children who suffer sexual abuse. Blythe is herself is a child sexual abuse survivor.
I think that the following passage by Erin says it all-
"Every story about abuse is different, but all had the same thing in common, it shouldn't have happened. In my opinion, and as a sexual assault survivor, there needs to be a dialogue. Children deserve to be children and be happy. Sexual abuse and assault takes that away and sometimes leads to other issues in the future."
Carehouse’s work includes so much in regard to prevention and survival beyond assault.
I smiled when I heard Blythe close her segment with "Thank you, Erin. You rock too."
It's true.
Then Cydni Schalter-Salsido ( review the demeaning Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer received in regards to her wardrobe at her State of the State Address and, in general, the perception of women in power.