There have been so many ways to approach the WWR world. Amazing tales of personal strength, inspiring outreach to help others in all kinds of need and, recently, being validated for their talent and perseverance in media. Erin Vermeulen introduces us to Mindy Silberman ( She cut her teeth in the New York City production scene but this born and bred Detroit native came back home and wasted no time applying her honed skills to the rich potential that deserves to be tapped. One of her current projects is Dream Cruisin’ (, a documentary about the longtime love affair between Michiganders (or Michiganians) and their cars.
Mindy knows her stuff. She and Erin discuss the recent (and not so recent) forays of women in film and TV (on both sides of the camera). Her dream project is to reimagine a real Motor City TV series. Let’s stay tuned.
(btw, follow the links- Mindy is also a really cool web designer).
Second Half; Cyndi Schalter-Salsido ( and Erin talk about the many, many implications of social media in our current world. The double-edged sword that can do so much good and, yet, bring so much darkness. From Alex Trebek's recent (and undeniably moving) sharing of his cancer diagnosis to ridiculous ‘selfie’ casualties to yet another controversial and shocking post being dealt with. They wrap it up with the privacy and safety of our children when they’re ‘out there’ in cyberspace.