More Skeletons Than Closets...

A while back, Adrian had the terrific idea of dedicating a whole show to answering questions sent in from the listeners. Logistical problems in the main studio last week prompted that idea to become a reality. It was a real hit and, since the main studio is still getting fixed, they're gonna do it again.

If you're a long time fan and always wanted to know something about one of the team, here's your chance. If you're a new fan and already want to know something about the show, this is also your chance. If you are in a full body cast and your nurse left MQTA on before she stepped out for a smoke, welcome!
If you love what you hear, join the Facebook Group (or have your nurse do it) so you can ask questions anytime you want.
More Questions Than Answers with Adrian Lee
Friday Nights 10 PM (Central Time)
on the 
Dark Matter Digital Network
Each week's show is randomly rerun on the DMDN all weekend long so you might catch it again or you can always revisit every past MQTA show forever and ever (for free!) on Soundcloud.