Sneaking Through The Alley With Sally Struthers...

puns have suffered a lifetime of moans, groans, and rolled eyes
 you can send a pun to live forever at 
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Ground Control To Major Tomedy (see what I did there?)

Is that a rocket in your pocket? We're happy to see you, too. Now put that thing away, sit down and tune in.
The Only Paranormal Quiz Show Anywhere In The World
FRIDAY 10 PM (Central Time) on the Dark Matter Digital Network


The Medium Is The Message...

Who would win in a fight?
Stick Figure Adrian? Finger Paint Adrian? Twilight Zone Adrian? Whoever wins, the first rule of MQTA is to tell everybody about MQTA.
More Questions Than Answers with Adrian Lee
the only paranormal quiz show anywhere in the world
Fridays 10 PM (Central Time)
Dark Matter Digital Network
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We've All Had Those Weeks...

Car problems. Horrible boss. Wrong planet.
Welcome to the mother of all support groups.
The Only Paranormal Quiz Show In The World*
Friday Nights 10 PM (Central Time)
On The Dark Matter Digital Network
(*well, in this world, anyway, as far as we know)