City Mouse, Country Mouse...

Well, it’s been a crazy spring/summer of change and it’s time for a helluva update.
Earlier this year, the developer that owned the giant empty space out back decided it was time to start clearing the land and making plans for construction. 
The plan is for a 60 unit monstrosity in the middle of a street full of single-family homes.
My landlady gave me the heads up that she was going to go into full throttle house selling mode.
My priorities, of course, were the ferals who had not yet taken off in response to all the excitement and Grem and Budu. Grem and Budu had become totally domesticated and it was, therefore, my responsibility not to leave them hanging. I had to find them a new home.
This little news blurb is going out on several different platforms so I will keep it short.
I’m leaving behind half of the donated food and most of the shelters. My landlady and my next-door neighbors (all animal lovers) will do what they can to look after the Space Monkeys. My neighbors have no intention to move and, last I heard, my landlady is still there as well.
My plan was to become ‘functionally homeless’ for the summer as long as Grem and Budu were safe. Times like these make you wish cats were just a little bit more like dogs and could vagabond around with you a little more.
Okay, okay… LONG story short.
A very special person who is probably one of the longest time people in my life has resurfaced (thanks, Facebook!) and has a huge heart when it comes to rescuing animals. 
I told her what was happening and asked if she had room for Budu in her cat and dog clan. I would have been shocked if she said no, but then I had to double down. I sheepishly asked if Grem could come too.
How often does one hit the lottery twice?
When I came to visit, I told her about what I was planning to do for the summer and she would have none of that crazy talk.
Three-time lottery winner?
So, in some kind of insane Green Acres reboot, Grem, Budu and I have left the Bronx and are now situated way up north with trees and lakes and cats and dogs and the wonderful woman who saved us all.