Things That Go Bump But Don't Bite

 Earlier this year, I stumbled upon More Questions Than Answers (MQTA) (Fridays at 10 pm Central Time), on the Dark Matter Digital Network and they instantly made a fan out of me. Mister Spock once said, “The greater the intellect, the greater the need for play” and, since Spock lives in the future, he must have been talking about  MQTA.

Now in its third season, this ensemble of bright, funny and terribly likable people have a blast presenting (as they declare) The Only Paranormal Quiz Show Anywhere In The World and the fun is infectious.
What's a paranormal quiz show? Just picture the Algonquin Round Table being broadcast from Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Now throw a drinking game into the mix. Come for the party and stay for the fun facts about high strangeness.

Fabulously captained by author and researcher Adrian Lee, with a melodic British accent and lightning-quick comebacks setting the tone, the crew includes Heather Morris and Michelle Corey, two ladies with unabashed humor and the souls of bawdy buccaneers and Chad Peters, who adroitly weaves his way around and through this weekly carnival of the mind.

Okay, stop reading this! Get out there and find MQTA. It’s already heard all over the world by zillions of people but they genuinely welcome new listeners.
You will soon be sharing their battle cry:
I. Love. This. Show.