Meet Gail Marlow, whose organization, Motor City Mitten Mission (, has combined the need to keep the homeless warm and recycling one of today’s more controversial items. Discover with your host, Erin Vermeulen, what PLARN is. You’ll be amazed. Necessity is the mother of invention, but so is Compassion. Nothing wrong with two moms! 

Then Cyndi Shalter-Salsido ( returns and she and Erin pick where they left off last week. First, a practical and cool way to teach very young children the concept and reality of money. What do you have left to say after the ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ chestnut? Find out here. It also dovetails into how moms who work from home can remain productive, including mentally stimulating your kids when they have to stay home on a snow day.

They close with the infuriating subject of drunk driving. On a personal note, I have a dog in this race. I learned my lesson years ago and I will forever be grateful that I didn’t hurt anybody.