It takes a big heart to turn around heartbreaking stories about children. Erin introduces us to Jennifer Harrison, who adopted a sweet little girl who was born with the deck stacked against her in so many ways. Jennifer and her husband John have so much love in their hearts it expanded to create a beautiful story that changed the lives of so many others. First, by creating a loving home for Zoey and eight other ‘instant’ brothers and sisters. Then Jennifer kept it on ‘11’  by founding X-Ability. Angels are real and not all of them have wings. You have to check out this story and please share it. They can use all the help they can get.
Then Erin and Cyndi Schalter-Salsido ( start off their regular second half with the roller coaster chain of events in the Jessie Smollet incident and the fallout throughout society. Erin and Cyndi, as always, bring it to the table big time.
From there, stop and take a look around at the social phenomenon of marijuana dispensaries in communities.
Not done yet! They bring it back around with a story about a father in England who asked the world for advice for his little girl with special needs and it turned into a worldwide discussion among innumerable parents in similar situations.