I See People Who See Dead People...

My favorite paranormal quiz show anywhere in the world has dropped the cloaking device and is now in the visible spectrum.
(counterclockwise from right) Adrian Lee (creator, producer, and host), Chad Peters (resident psychologist and fact finder) and Michelle Corey (reporter and gatekeeper of one of the show's drinking games). In that dark corner, you can barely make out Heather Morris (producer, reporter, and sound engineer). 

MQTA (More Questions Than Answers with Adrian Lee) has been rocking Dark Matter Digital Network every Friday night at 10 pm CT since before there were Tesla Roadsters rocketing through space (read my review from last year here). You can also access their FREE archives of past shows on Soundcloud. Each archived show also includes a special secret segment called Not For Your Mother, a very R rated current events report which would not be allowed on DMDN.
If that's not enough, fans can also subscribe to the Patreon account and, for just a dollar a show, they receive early releases of archived shows, exclusively written radio plays, free thank you gifts, and NOW video of each week's shenanigans. 

Shenanigans? Oh did I forget to mention that MQTA is one of the funniest shows ever? I guess I just did.