Look What I Found...

This is the mid-1980's Casio watch (probably no more than $9.99) that brought me so much service and, even more, so much mind trickery fun 😆
I removed the strap and velcroed it to where the volume and tone knobs were on my guitar. It blended in perfectly.
Brilliant venues, from Vegas to Biker Bars, discovered that clocks are bad business, but I always detested the 'look at your watch onstage' maneuver.
Yes, you'd get a ration of shit if you stayed on too long but I always felt it made the audience feel like you must have something better to do and couldn't wait to get out of there.
Nobody cares if you look down for a second and fiddle with a knob.
45-minute set? No problem. During my intro, I'd ask a backstage guy for the time. 9:48? I was done by 10:33 on the nose.
I never wore a watch. Managers and crew asked me how the fuck I did that.
I told them that the Jeopardy theme is exactly 30 seconds long (it is, btw!).
Then I told them that for, let's say a 45-minute set, I'd hum the Jeopardy theme in my head 90 times while I was onstage.
Then I'd walk away.