A Thousand Words...

Been doing some predawn running around. Here's what it looks like out there.

Dig If You Will...

Why are there now two men and two women sitting together instead of just one man and one woman?
Where's the guy who was always sitting at the counter with his back to us? 
Where's the counter guy? 
What's with the squirrel?
Because Adrian, Heather, Michelle, and Chad are two men and two women.
He took off without paying his check. 
He went after the 'chew and screw'.
Oh, there's so much you need to learn...

and they only have an hour.

More Questions Than Answers with Adrian Lee
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The Dog Star Ate My Radio...

Yeah, yeah... we've heard it all before.
"How was I supposed to know about MQTA? I've been in a giant oyster shell at the bottom of a swimming pool in a locked private estate waiting for Brian Dennehy to come and get me."
Well, that and $5.75 will get you a cup of coffee, pal, and you might want to stop by Sephora. You are in need of some SIRIUS moisturizer.
(See what I did there? Dog Star? Sirius?)
More Questions Than Answers with Adrian Lee
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Catching Up With Greatness...

With over 52 weekly episodes under the hood, a new WWR follower might feel a little overwhelmed.
"How will I ever listen to all these stories when there are more women who rock out there and they'll be added soon?"
Fear not, true believers and new believers alike. Erin is allowing some time to revisit select interviews with a wonderfully eclectic assortment of game changers.
How's Lorrelai Natke, who's Reason to Rock program is changing so many young lives through music and Mary Moore, who is one of the original real-life teammates who inspired the film 'A League Of Her Own' for starters!

OOH... Can I pet your, umm, monster?

Heather Morris makes other Rennaisance men and women look like they're standing still. One of her passions is fabulously crafted creepy yet charming figurines. Here is her JUST released Easter showing for that special someone's basket this week.

Look What I Found...

This is the mid-1980's Casio watch (probably no more than $9.99) that brought me so much service and, even more, so much mind trickery fun 😆
I removed the strap and velcroed it to where the volume and tone knobs were on my guitar. It blended in perfectly.
Brilliant venues, from Vegas to Biker Bars, discovered that clocks are bad business, but I always detested the 'look at your watch onstage' maneuver.
Yes, you'd get a ration of shit if you stayed on too long but I always felt it made the audience feel like you must have something better to do and couldn't wait to get out of there.
Nobody cares if you look down for a second and fiddle with a knob.
45-minute set? No problem. During my intro, I'd ask a backstage guy for the time. 9:48? I was done by 10:33 on the nose.
I never wore a watch. Managers and crew asked me how the fuck I did that.
I told them that the Jeopardy theme is exactly 30 seconds long (it is, btw!).
Then I told them that for, let's say a 45-minute set, I'd hum the Jeopardy theme in my head 90 times while I was onstage.
Then I'd walk away.


The only paranormal quiz show anywhere in the world (we checked).
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More Skeletons Than Closets...

A while back, Adrian had the terrific idea of dedicating a whole show to answering questions sent in from the listeners. Logistical problems in the main studio last week prompted that idea to become a reality. It was a real hit and, since the main studio is still getting fixed, they're gonna do it again.

If you're a long time fan and always wanted to know something about one of the team, here's your chance. If you're a new fan and already want to know something about the show, this is also your chance. If you are in a full body cast and your nurse left MQTA on before she stepped out for a smoke, welcome!
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More Questions Than Answers with Adrian Lee
Friday Nights 10 PM (Central Time)
on the 
Dark Matter Digital Network
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